“What are the most popular cigars in the world?”

How would you answer this question? Here’s my five:

1. Montecristo Edmundo

This cigar took a little while to get noticed but it is now living up to expectations as a high quality Cuban cigar. The cigar has been constructed beautifully and the Mexican Cubano wrapper has exquisite flavor quite like you would expect from a Monte. This cigar is complimented well by a bottle of Glenfiddich 21-year-old Gran Reserva.

2. Partagas Piramides Le 2000

This full body cigar burns quite exquisitely. It may not be recommended for someone new to cigars, but for a mature smoker, it is a great choice. You get the distinct taste of cinnamon, pepper, cedar, etc. from this cigar. The only problem with this cigar is, being a limited edition cigar, it is a little hard to find. But if you do manage to gets your hands on one, combine it with a glass of Talisker 10 for the perfect combination.

3. Padron 1964 Anniversary Imperiale

According to most cigar ratings this is one of the best Nicaraguan cigars out there today and the 1964 Anniversary Imperiale is a complex combination of pepper, coco catcalls, cedar and espresso. It has been built fantastically and has an impeccable burn which allows you to appreciate the every ingredient completely. You can match it with Laphroaig Cask Strength for the best experience.

4. La Aurora 100 Anos Belicoso

La Aurora is one of the best Dominican cigar makers and in celebration of 100 years in the cigar business they came out with the 100 Anos Belicoso. This medley of leather, wood, spice and more is packed in a Dominican Corojo wrapper which is quite expensive not only because it is of high quality but also because it is among the rarest cigars around. You can enjoy it even more with Oban 14 year Single Malt Scotch

5. Cohiba Siglo VI

This cigar is nicknamed the cannon shot since it was released in commemoration of Christopher Columbus coming to America. It’s one of the best Cuban cigars in the market today and is loaded with wonderful flavors which have earned this cigar a large fan base. You can enjoy this cigar with a glass of Ardbeg 17.

6. Romeo y Julieta Churchill

This cigar has been named after Winston Churchill (who was one of the most famous devotees of cigars) but it is nothing like a heavy set Englishman. Instead, it is an elegant inspiration. But, this cigar is quite powerful and is quite capable of knocking over an amateur smoker. It is enjoyed with Aberlour Double Cask Matured.

7. Bolivar Royal Corona

This is an excellent cigar which is full of spice and flavor. It is just what you would expect out of a Cuban Bolivar. You can expect a different set of flavors with every draw. It is enjoyed with a premium Scotch like Isle of Jura Superstition.

8. Cohiba Esplendido

This cigar was developed by the famous Che Guevara. This cigar is rolled by women and was smoked by only the most powerful people in the world for quite a while. It was released for general consumption in 1982 and has been one of the most popular cigars ever since. It is enjoyed with a bottle of Glendronach 18.


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